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Animal Control Officer-I AF

Department: Police Dept/Animal Control
Office: Animal Control Facility
Position Number:60-20-425-402-1
Job ID#:16219
To be considered for this job:You must complete the on-line application form.

You must be able to type at least 30 net words per minute.

Instructions for testing: Go to the Citys website, then to EMPLOYMENT, then to IF THE OPEN JOB REQUIRES A TYPING TEST.

On-line typing test link:
Opening Date for In-House Candidates:9/6/17
Opening Date to the Public:9/13/17
Open until filled; for best consideration, apply by:9/27/17
Starting Salary (or salary range):12.83
Other information about this position or about working with the City of Rio Rancho:A Drivers License is required for this position. Your driving record must always meet City insurability standards.

This position is covered by a Bargaining Unit.
Banner:This is the initial posting of this job opening.

This job will be posted internally for 7 calendar days for current employees to apply first, then will be released for external applicants.
If you are called for an interview or to attend a pre-employment testing session:If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone with a date, time and place to interview.
Typical schedule :Wed-Sat 7 a.m to 5 p.m - Schedule is subject to change based on operational needs


Position Title: Animal Control Officer-I AF  

Department: Police  

Division: Animal Control  

Reports to: Animal Control Supervisor  

FLSA Status: non-Exempt  

Bargaining Unit: AFSCME  

Pay Grade: 12A  

Job Status: Permanent, Full-time  

Full Time Equivalent: 1.0  

Position Summary

The Animal Control Officer-I performs routine enforcement work with respect to the control, care, custody and disposal of strays, wild, or surrendered animals.   Insures compliance with City ordinances pertaining to animal control.  

Education, Training and Experience – minimum required to proficiently perform the job

Education / higher education:  High School Graduate or equivalent  

Minimum number of years of directly related experience: Twelve months related work experience with animal care and behavior.  

Education and/or experience preferences: Classes in bite prevention and pet care highly desirable.     

Certifications, Licenses and Registrations

Driver’s License requirement: Frequent Driver -- Regular Driver's License      Required Endorsements: None  

Note -- For any driver, driving record must always meet City driving and insurability standards.

Required certifications, licenses or registrations: None  

Preferred certifications, licenses or registrations: None  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required to proficiently perform the job

Knowledge:  City and county ordinances, and state health regulations concerning animal control; Court procedures and rules of evidence; Care and feeding of domestic and wild animals; Working knowledge of the city and the location of streets, thoroughfares and buildings; Animal behavior, diseases and breeds and have the ability to control a variety of wild and domesticated animals.   

Skills:  Must be able to type rapidly and accurately enough to successfully produce documents/spreadsheets, communicate via e-mail, or perform data entry as necessary to accomplish the essential functions of the position (must test at or above 30 net WPM).   Use of technology, equipment and software typically used in the office environment.   Basic record keeping skills; Capturing, transporting, and confining/sheltering animals; Euthanizing and disposing of dead animals; Maintaining clean and sanitary kennels; Handling domestic and wild animals.   

Abilities:  Communicate effectively, orally and in writing; Establish and maintain effective working relationships with veterinarians, law enforcement agencies, City staff and the general public; Read, understand, and follow departmental rules and regulations, instructions in general, and laws and ordinances; Follow written and oral directions; Lift large animals up to 50-70 pounds onto an animal control truck; Analyze situations and to adopt appropriate and reasonable courses of action; Enforce regulations with firmness, tact, impartiality, and professionalism, sometimes under confrontational situations; Prepare and maintain accurate and timely written reports; Talk to children and to teach dog and cat responsibilities and to know how to handle themselves in an attack from a dog; Utilize a restraint pole, a variety of animal traps, nets, snappy snare, and tranquilizer gun.  

Interaction with Groups/Agencies/Entities: Internal: Works with other Public Safety officials and   staff, veterinary and kennel staff.   External: Works with the   general public.   

Authorities and Accountabilities

Level of independent decision making:  Moderate--incumbent is expected to analyze situations that are not covered by established procedures or instructions and suggest to supervisor a recommended course of action  

Budgetary/Financial/Asset accountability:  None -- Position has no accountability for, or authority to make, budgetary or financial decisions.  

Span of control: Responsibility for own work (no supervision or leadership expectations)  

Essential Functions

The following functions are typical for this position. The omission of specific functions does not exclude them if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment for this position. Other duties may be required and assigned.

  • Perform routine enforcement work in the control, care, custody and disposal of strays and/or wild animals and insure compliance with City ordinances pertaining to animal control.
  • Respond to resident complaints regarding animals in an Animal Control vehicle.
  • Pick up dead or injured animals or strays, including cats, dogs and other animals.
  • Impound animals running at-large or picked up from a facility
  • Visit homes to inspect licenses, vaccination certificates, and alleged complaints. Institute quarantines in bite cases.
  • Investigate complaints concerning the treatment of animals or noncompliance with animal control ordinances.
  • Cite animal owners for animal control violations, prepares cases and appears in court in subsequent legal action, representing the City.
  • May be required to destroy animals in the field and in the kennel when needed.
  • Assist Department of Public Safety by securing animals in emergency situations
  • Inspect businesses for proper permits.
  • Perform a variety of customer service and administrative duties related to animal control operations within the City.
  • Maintain records and prepares periodic and special reports on enforcement activities.
  • Interpret and explain animal control ordinances for City residents.
  • Answer phones; enter calls into HTE CAD and Dispatch Field Officers.
  • Issue licenses, maintain logs, records and collect fees, processes adoptions, reclaims, and surrender.
  • Prepares daily deposit as needed.
  • Perform a variety of duties in the kennel.
  • Identify sex and breed of impounded animals.
  • Vaccinate impounded animals, file appropriate paperwork, check for license or identification and place in kennel, Notify owners of impounded animals.  
  • Monitor animals for sickness and/or disease and transport to the veterinarian for treatment when necessary. Medicate animals as needed.
  • Provide for food and water of impounded animals.
  • Clean and disinfect cages, inside and outside runs, and cattery.  
  • Maintain inventory and keep supplies stocked.
  • Clean animal control facilities and vehicles.
  • Does routine laundry as needed in kennels.
  • Serve as needed for emergency response and recovery.
  • Transport and pick up surgery animals.
  • Pick up and deliver pet licenses.
  • Make mail run as needed.  

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions

Daily activity level:  Primarily physical work on a continual basis  

Physical characteristics: Job requires oral and aural communication; Job requires reading and comprehension of written materials; Job requires normal vision; Must be able to distinguish colors; Must be able to see in dim light; Exposure to high noise levels; Fine finger manipulation; Grasping with hand, gripping; Keystroking or repetitive motion of hands/fingers/arms; Subduing/restraining humans/animals; Involvement in verbal or physical confrontations; Use of medical equipment (i.e., AED, give injections, bandage/splint); Bending/kneeling/crawling; Lifting/carrying/push/pull greater than 70 lbs.; Working while standing for prolonged periods of time; Walking long distances; Running while carrying materials/ equipment/ gear/ tools; Working more than 8 hours/day   

Exposures: Exposure to biological agents, human/animal body fluids, blood borne pathogens, excrement or tuberculosis; Handling hazardous chemicals or toxic substances bleach; Exposure to sharp objects including razor blades, teeth, finger/paw nails (incl. biting); Falling objects could injure feet; Working outside in inclement weather conditions; Violent or dangerous situations that could result in serious injury, psychological damage, or death   

Extraordinary working conditions: May be required to work outside in inclement weather conditions  

Hazardous equipment/machinery used: Needles to vaccinate and microchip; Exposure to chemicals and controlled substances.  

Required personal protective equipment: Safety Glasses with or w/o side shields; Latex gloves; Rubber gloves; Ear Plugs; Gloves (incl. Kevlar gloves); Safety boots 

If you need an accommodation for a disability that would enable you to apply or interview for this position, please contact the Human Resources Department at 505-891-5011 (fax: 505-891-9183).


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