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Utilities Service Technician AF

Department: Public Works/Utilties Customer Service
Office: City Hall
Position Number:70-20-530-302-2
Job ID#:16249
To be considered for this job:You must complete the on-line application form.
Opening Date for In-House Candidates:12/29/17
Opening Date to the Public:1/8/18
Open until filled; for best consideration, apply by:1/22/18
Starting Salary (or salary range):11.08
Other information about this position or about working with the City of Rio Rancho:A Drivers License is required for this position. Your driving record must always meet City insurability standards.

This position is covered by a Bargaining Unit.
Banner:This is the initial posting of this job opening.

This job will be posted internally for 7 calendar days for current employees to apply first, then will be released for external applicants.
If you are called for an interview or to attend a pre-employment testing session:If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone with a date, time and place to interview.
Typical schedule :TBD


Position Title: Utilities  Service Technician AF  

Department: Public Works  

Division: Utilities Customer Service  

Reports to: Workgroup Supervisor 

 FLSA Status: non-Exempt  

Bargaining Unit: AFSCME  

Pay Grade: 09A  

Job Status: Permanent, Full-time  

Full Time Equivalent: 1.0  

Position Summary

The Utilities Service Technician reads water consumption meters, records volume used by residential and commercial consumers, turns off/on service, tracks/records meter inventory, works with Utilities Service Specialists on problem accounts, and inspects new meter installations. 

Education, Training and Experience Ė minimum required to proficiently perform the job

Education / higher education: High School Graduate or equivalent 

Minimum number of years of directly related experience: Six months related work experience and/or training. 

Education and/or experience preferences: None 

Certifications, Licenses and Registrations

Driverís License requirement: Frequent Driver -- Regular Driver's License      Required Endorsements: None  

Note -- For any driver, driving record must always meet City driving and insurability standards.

Required certifications, licenses or registrations: None 

Preferred certifications, licenses or registrations: None 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required to proficiently perform the job

Knowledge: General computer equipment. 

Skills:  Must be able to type rapidly and accurately enough to successfully perform data entry as necessary to accomplish the essential functions of the position. Map reading and address locating. Accurately reading meter and transferring the data to a hand-held microcomputer or form. 

Abilities: Read and interpret work orders. Walk continuously throughout the day. Communicate effectively with customers in the field about utility problems and charges. Comprehend and carry out simple verbal instructions and recognize similarities and differences between words and between series of numbers. Add and subtract two digit numbers and to multiply and divide with 10's and 100's and to perform these operations using units of money, weight measurement, volume, and distance. Work effectively with minimal supervision. Operate a two-way communication device. Establish and maintain effective working relationships. 

Interaction with Groups/Agencies/Entities: Internal: Works with division managers and   supervisors, utility billing specialists , other utility service technicians   and utilities service specialists to insure accurate data entry.   External:   Interacts with customers in the field.    

Authorities and Accountabilities

Level of independent decision making: Minimal-incumbent primarily carries-out instructions and follows established procedures 

Budgetary/Financial/Asset accountability: Low -- Position is accountable to a Department Director or Division Manager and cannot make major decisions or obligate the City 

Span of control: Responsibility for own work (no supervision or leadership expectations) 

Essential Functions

The following functions are typical for this position. The omission of specific functions does not exclude them if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment for this position. Other duties may be required and assigned.

  • Walks and drives City vehicle over established meter route and accurately reads and records volume used by residential and commercial customers.
  • Sort and organize service orders by route, task, and/or priority.
  • Locates and reads water meters; records readings on hand-held microcomputer.   Frequently is required to dig out the meter boxes, siphon water, and remove debris, insects, animals, reptiles.
  • Inspects meters and connections for defects, damage, and unauthorized connections, and reports irregularities using forms for necessary action by servicing department.
  • Checks misread meters and record findings on a hand-held microcomputer and other forms as necessary. Verifies readings to locate abnormal consumption and records reasons for fluctuations.
  • Performs a variety of testing, inspections and investigations related to water consumption meters.
  • Inspects meters and connections for defects, damage, and unauthorized connections, and reports irregularities using forms for necessary action by servicing department.
  • Investigates theft of water and reports of illegal meters and connections, working with the Department of Public Safety to enforce ordinances and prepare documentation. May testify in court against illegal water users.
  • Inspects installations of meter cans and meters in accordance with standards and specifications set by the City. Complete necessary paperwork.
  • Investigates leaks at customerís request and when computer reports indicate possible problems. Determines if leak repair is the responsibility of the City or the customer.
  • Tests meters for accuracy in measuring water consumption using a bench test process, communicating results to supervisor and customer.
  • Removes, reinstalls or disconnects water consumption meters in emergency situations or as instructed.
  • Tends to emergency service turn on/off situations.
  • Disconnects customers for non-payment of charges; turns service on for new occupants and reconnections.
  • Removes or reinstalls meters when instructed to do so.
  • Bench test meters to check for accuracy.
  • Communicates with customers regarding City utility policies and customer account information when appropriate to do so.
  • Assist in training of new Utilities Service Technicians.  

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions

Daily activity level: Primarily physical work on a continual basis 

Physical characteristics: Job requires oral and aural communication; Job requires reading and comprehension of written materials; Job requires normal vision; Must be able to distinguish colors; Must be able to see in dim light; Fine finger manipulation; Grasping with hand, gripping; Keystroking or repetitive motion of hands/fingers/arms;   Subduing/restraining humans/animals; Involvement in verbal or physical confrontations; Use of road work or landscaping tools; Climbing Ladders; Bending/kneeling/crawling; Digging or working in trenches; Lifting/carrying/push/pull up to 80 lbs.; Working while standing for prolonged periods of time; Walking long distances; Working more than 8 hours/day 

Exposures: Exposure to sharp objects including razor blades, teeth, finger/paw nails (incl. biting); Working with extremely hot or cold objects; Falling objects could injure feet; Working outside in inclement weather conditions  

Extraordinary working conditions: Works outside in all kinds of weather conditions and is frequently exposed o dogs, other animals, insects, traffic hazards, dust and noise. Moderately heavy work involves frequently getting in and out of a vehicle, extensive walking, bending, stooping and kneeling at meters, lifting meter lids weighing up to 80 lbs., and repetitive hand movement involved in entering data into a hand-held computer. Visual abilities to accurately read meters. Position requires adhering to strict schedules and deadlines. 

Hazardous equipment/machinery used: Frequently exposed to the potential of dog attacks and insect bites.  

Required personal protective equipment: Protective clothing (i.e., bullet-proof vest, reflective vest, apron); Gloves (incl. Kevlar gloves); Safety boots  


If you need an accommodation for a disability that would enable you to apply or interview for this position, please contact the Human Resources Department at 505-891-5011 (fax: 505-891-9183).


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